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Puyallup, WA

Bio: I am a mom by happenstance! 14 years ago, I was told it was unlikely I would ever conceive naturally. I tried fertility drugs and when they suggested IFV, I drew the line. So, for 14 years, I assumed I couldn't have kids...SURPRISE! I had to give up caffine 2 years ago, and 6 months later, I was pregnant! Who knew coffee could result in uteran cysts. So, now I am the mom of a beautiful 13 month old daugher and if that wasn't enough...SURPRISE! I'm 4 months pregnant with TWINS! I worked as a cook for many years and enjoy the creativity and expression of love that is shared thru good food. For fun I enjoy painting murals, home design, and researching the best possible foods to prepare and serve my family. Before kids...lol...I loved to read and go to movies. I haven't read an entire book in 14 months or been to a movie alone for that matter. It's funny, I don't miss it much, my priorities have changed so much and I can't even imagine my life without my daughter. I don't really consider myself to be a crunchy mama, but I do believe in feeding my children all natural, healthy homemade food! I believe in breast feeding & hands on parenting. My hope is to home-school my chi ldren, but at this point we're taking it one day at a time 🙂 We'll see what's left of my sanity once the twins arrive.

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